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"Above The Clouds" Boards (SCAD Senior Film - Spring 2024)

Grace worked as a storyboard revisionist/extra help on this senior film during Summer 2023. Her role consisted of redrawing thumbnails from other team members and adding in her own boards based on feedback from the student director. 

Above the Clouds tells the story about a young ambitious owlet, Percy, who wishes to fly despite his shortcomings. He overcomes his frustrations as he takes an unexpected glide down the mountainside. 

Grace prepared polished boards for the film's entire length, but has included only 3 different sections of storyboards.(character acting,action).

Section 1: Beginning of the film, Percy attempts to fly with little success.

Section 2: Having wandered towards a near cliffside, Percy tries to fly again and falls. 

Section 3: Percy regains confidence in himself and learns to fly in his own unqiue way. 

"Speak Now"  Storyboard

Preparing for a day of celebration, a bride quickly turns vengeful and chases her fiance after he runs away with someone else. (Action)

Cat Rescue Assignment

An assignment given in my Storyboarding for Animation class, in which I had to follow the prompt and character designs provided by a Dreamworks Animation test to board a story about a cat stuck in a tree. (Comedy/Action).

Wolf 359  Storyboard

Space Commander Minkowski tries to convince Officer Eiffel to give her some much needed help.

 Based on a scene from the fiction podcast Wolf 359. (Character acting/drama)

"Our Lady of the Underground"  Hadestown  Storyboard

Saddened workers within Hadestown find that their luck has changed when a stranger arrives with help. (Character acting)


Assorted Boards

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